Sell inherited property quickly for cash or not?

Author: nwhomebuyers | Updated on July 27, 2018

You’ve just been on the phone to your solicitor who tells you that you are to receive a house that is located hundreds of miles away in a town that you never wish to return to as part of an inheritance.

What goes through your mind next?

  • I’ve inherited a house but I don’t want it
  • I want to sell the house and get the cash instead
  • Excellent, I can make use of the house sale to pay down my own mortgage and other bills.

If it’s any of the three above, then we’d love to hear from you. We can take this ‘problem’ away for you and let you get on with your life.

Sell an inherited a house privately or using the traditional route?

If you’ve inherited a house and want to sell quickly, then pick up the phone or send us an email – we can get a cash offer to you within 48 hours.

We understand that receiving a house as part of an inheritance can cause further complications for the immediate family with the easiest option being to sell the inherited house and then to distribute the proceedings from the sale.

How to sell an inherited house to a buyer

Selling the house using the traditional route via an estate agency is an option if you are prepared to:

  • Come to an arrangement with the other beneficiaries on an agreed timescale for the sale
  • Nobody is in an immediate rush for the sale proceeds
  • Do some basic refurbishment on a house that might need an uplift
  • Wait months or years for the property to sell

If you would much rather get on with your lives and speed up the process, then we would ask that you give us a call and we’ll get a cash offer to you within 24 to 48 hours.

What to do with an inherited house

You have three options if you’ve been left a house in the inheritance:

  1. Live in the house that has been passed to you (assuming no other party has a stake in it)
  2. Sell a house from inheritance and then distribute the funds received from the sale
  3. Rent out the inherited property (as long as all the benefactors agree)

Most people that receive a property in this way usually opt for the second option i.e. to sell the house as this is the usual way that all benefactors can gain from the inherited property.

From here, you can use the traditional method of selling or you can sell house privately.

Why should I sell my inherited property privately?

The normal scenario is that an inherited house will come from a close relative that has passed on. Usually, this person has lived into old age which means that the property will probably be unmodernised and in need of repairs or uplift.

Will the benefactors agree to pitch in and undertake the refurbishment project that is about to ensue? Probably not.

So by selling it on market via estate agencies will mean below market offers that won’t achieve the maximum amount attainable and will mean that relatives, friends and neighbours will have glancing eyes towards the house which in most cases, is an unwelcome distraction.

We offer this option as we can buy a house discreetly and way from the prying eyes of neighbours, friends and family. We can offer you:

  • A quick sale with and offer to you within 48 hours
  • Up to 100% of the market value
  • A private and discreet sale with no ‘for sale’ board

We are actively buying in the North West of England and Greater Manchester in particular, so if you’ve inherited a house but you don’t want it, then we can act within your time-frame and in private to get the sale done as soon as possible.