Run down house that you want to sell privately?

No matter what the condition of the house, we are still interested in buying it from you.

Even if it’s an absolute tip of a property that needs some TLC, then we are the right people to take that headache away for you.

We’ve had people describe their house as an eyesore or run down that need to get rid of the house. We went to see a house a few weeks ago that had no kitchen, no bathroom and no internal walls! It was just the shell of the house that the owner had been in possession of for a few years but only finally got round to wanting to sell it.

If you have a house that is run down and needs some special attention or if any of the following thoughts come in to your head, then we’d love to hear from you.

My house is an eyesore and I just want to get rid of it

We understand. Maybe the front lawn has grown to unmanageable levels? Maybe the roof has moss growing all over it? Maybe there’s been a break in and a window has been boarded up?

Whatever the reason for the house being an eyesore, let us take the problem off your hands. We’ll deal with any underlying issues and make sure we get to the bottom of the problem which will longer be your concern.

House is run down and I don’t have the money to do it up

This happens. Sometimes, we just let things slide as we don’t have the cash to correct the problem.

We went to view a house where the owner was barely able to pay the mortgage and wanted to get rid of the house to move back in with her parents after a messy divorce. However, what she failed to tell us over the phone was that there had been an ongoing leak over the last 7 months that she hadn’t fixed as she had no extra cash at the end of the month.

She’d gotten quotes from roofers, but was unable to get the problem fixed. Well, that one small leak turned out to be a missing slate (which had been blown off during a storm), causing water to pour in straight down to the bathroom and then subsequently to the living room downstairs!

The entire laminate flooring upstairs was rotten and the wall along the chimney breast had turned black. This didn’t put us off though and we made the owner a cash offer there and then which she accepted.

With the owners permission, within an hour of us agreeing the sale price, we instructed a local trusted roofer to come around and to repair the missing slates and to apply acrylic paint fix around the old lead. We certainly didn’t want the problem to get worse!

So, in short, if you have a house that is going to the dogs and you don’t have the money for any repairs or renovation – get in touch with us and sell the house to a cash buyer.

I’ve hoarded too much stuff and I’m too embarrassed to have the public in my house for viewings

The words above aren’t as uncommon as you might think. Don’t be embarrassed as these things happen.

In the modern consumer age we live in, it takes a quick two clicks of the mouse and before you know it, the postman’s arrived with loads more stuff from Amazon or an eBay seller out in China!

It happens to the best of us, but we understand that sometimes our clients do not wish for any viewings to take place from members of the public. The last thing that they want is:

  • estate agents to take pictures of the living rooms or bedrooms.
  • to open the door to prospective first time buyers as there’s too much stuff and junk in the house that they’re quite ashamed.

As stated above, don’t be embarrassed by this. It’s a good thing that you are taking action now to rid this problem from your life and for you to start again – so give yourself a pat on the back for that.

Ultimately, we can buy your house from you without doing a single viewing if that’s what you’d prefer, so there won’t be any public notices or couples knocking on the door to view the house. Let us take that headache away for you.

House is completely run down and I’m not interested in doing it up

We hear this quite a lot. Homeowners get fed up with the state of a property and have no further interest in doing it up. It may not necessarily be financial; It could be that the homeowner doesn’t have the inclination in spending the time and effort in getting contractors and builders in to do the remedial works.

Sell your property quickly, without any hassle and we’ll do the legwork to bring it back to use.

“The house is in a state and needs someone to begin from scratch”

Is it really that bad? Let’s hope you don’t still live in the house if that’s the case! If it is a house or flat that needs a total rebuild from scratch, then we’ll be happy to take this problem away for you. As long as there are four walls and a roof, we’d be happy to take it off your hands.

“The house is falling apart and I want to sell it privately”

If it really is an old house falling apart that has no more life to it, then we’d love to buy it from you. Let us give it the kiss of life and bring it back to its former glory.

“Too much lead piping in the house and I don’t know what to do with it?”

Some older properties still have a lot of lead piping in the plumbing and it is a right pain to get rid off. Lead piping was used last century and whilst it’s safe to use the water that comes out, make sure you run the water for at least 30 seconds before you use the water.

We would advise that you change the plumbing of the entire house at your earliest convenience. Your regional water board will also do any change of lead piping right up until the boundary from where it becomes your responsibility.

Some water boards may have an incentive scheme at running, but you’d need to check. In the North West, the water is supplied by United Utilities, but at the time of writing, there wasn’t any offers or deals available. No harm in checking from time to time.

Alternatively, let us deal with the problem by selling your house to us!