Author: nwhomebuyers | Updated on August 22, 2020

We review all the tools we've used!

We use different types of tools and gadgets when we initially buy a house and then we go onto begin a refurbishment.

In the last 10 years, we've used so many different types of brands that we decided to go ahead and publish our personal perspective on some of the best items you can buy and in some cases, really should buy. 

For example, we don't leave the house without our laser distance measuring tool. In fact, we have at least two or three dotted around the house or in the car. It's out go to instrument when measuring room sizes for HMO conversions. 

So please read the reviews below and then proceed to buy something if you need it. We do make a small commission any sales that do occur once you've clicked through, but there are plenty of there resources out on the internet if you need to do further verification beyond our review.

This page will continue to grow over time, but if you think there's anything missing or anything else we should add, please get in touch.

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