Getting a Divorce – what to do with the house?

Author: nwhomebuyers | Updated on July 26, 2018

Let’s get straight to it – if you are going through a divorce and need to sell your house quickly, then we are definitely interested in taking this headache away for you.

Getting a  divorce and I need to sell my house quickly

We understand that it might be a sensitive time for you and you might just want this hassle out of your life – we get that. So if you it is something speedy and to the point, then we are happy to buy your house and get the cash into your bank account within 21 days.

If I’m going through a divorce, why sell my house quickly for cash?

Some people do choose to try and sell their house through an estate agent, and for those divorces and separations which are amicable and, dare we say it, on friendly terms, then using a traditional route to sell your house isn’t a bad way to go about it.

However, we tend to come across marriages that have broken down to a while host of reasons – with most situations not being the most agreeable.

For this sole reason alone, we get about 40% of our calls and it’s just a case of the two parties wanting to get this resolved quickly without having to wait around to find a buyer for their house for months on end. If you’re going through a divorce, why prolong the misery?

You also need to consider the financial implications of not comeing to a conclusion on this as soon as possible. Are you aware:

  • You’ll need to pay for the mortgage in the months it takes for the house to sell
  • You’ll need to start saving up for a deposit and rental monies for the house you’re moving into?
  • What about the solicitor’s fees and other accruing costs you’ll be notching up during the divorce proceedings?

For those three reasons alone, we would recommend that you look to get in touch with us, so we can make you a cash offer and remove this problem in your new life with a new beginning.

What if I want to sell my house quickly before getting divorced?

Yes, we’d be happy to do buy your house before any divorce proceedings.

When should you call us and when can we help?

If you are in any of the following situations, then you need to get on to the phone to use and we’ll get an offer to your email inbox within 24 hours.

“Need to sell house because of a divorce”

“Need to sell house soon as I’m getting divorced”

So, in short, if you have a relationship that has gone sour then get in touch with us and sell the house to a cash buyer.

I’m separating from my partner and want to sell my house quickly

It’s obvious that if you’re getting a divorce, then the last thing you want to be doing is spending evenings after work with your now ex-partner to mull over financial decisions. That would be a continuation of the nightmare, right? So, if you want to sell your home quickly due to a separation.

What if I don’t want to sell my house after a divorce?

Unfortunately, that matter is out of your hands as it is a legal obligation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a house sale is absolutely inevitable (as there are other mitigating factors to consider), but in most cases, a house is going to be the first asset that is going to become part of the divorce proceedings.

Ultimately, your choices are somewhat limited. What you do have a choice in is how long you wish for this to drag on for? We can expedite matters and get this part out of your daily lives.

What if I’m not getting a divorce just yet, but going through a separation?

Even if you are separating from your wife or husband and want to sell a house quickly and privately, then we can step in and buy the house within 21 days.