Best Loft Ladders With A Handrail

Not all loft ladders are made equal. We pick our top 5 rated ones that come with a handrail. Let us know if we’ve missed any better ones.

Youngman 313340
Youngman 313340 Easiway Loft Ladder
Aurora Attic Ladder
Aurora Thermo Folding Attic/ loft Ladder
TB Davies Loft Ladder
TB Davies 1530-005 Loft Ladder

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Whether you own an attic or a loft in your house, an easy way to access is necessary to have. Loft ladders are the easiest and perfect way to reach up there.

Reaching to your loft or attic can be a dangerous task in itself because of the height. You can set the stool to reach a certain height, but it requires prior testing. Also, there’ll be a fear of falling. Loft Ladders can solve your problem.

These provide you with a much more convenient way as compared to stools and other means to access the loft. These loft stairs also offer you speedy access up there by being light in weight.

You can not only use these loft stairs with handrails in your homes but garages, shops, and many more places.

Finding the best loft ladders can be a daunting task. If you don’t get the right one for you; it’ll be a dangerous attempt to reach up there.

But don’t worry, we have got your back! We have eased down your work by providing a guide about the Best Loft Ladders with a Handrail.

Before you step into the market to buy one for you; have a look at these products that have attained high user ratings.

Youngman 313340 Easiway Loft Ladder

Youngman 313340 Easiway Loft Ladder
Our Rating:

This Aluminium ladder with three sections can provide you with a safe experience to reach up there. You’ll also have no worries to open up this loft ladder.


Perfect for small places:

Do you have a small house or a restricted space? No worries! This Youngman 313340 loft ladder is a perfect solution to all your space problems.

It opens up with dimensions of 508mm x 432mm to even fit it in the smaller area. You can reach up there in the attic of your house.

3 Sliding Sections:

Not every house has the same loft height. So you need a ladder that goes with the attic of your home.

This Youngman 313340 features a convenient design with three sliding sections. These sections can open up to increase the height of this loft ladder.

Wide Treads:

There are wide treads on this loft stair that help you keep the feet without any fear. You can even take the goods with you to transfer up there with the support of balustrade.

Pivot Arm:

A pivot arm is employed in this loft ladder. This arm can smoothen the gliding operation of stairs.

Bolt Fastening:

You can assemble this loft ladder with the secure bolt fastening. Also, all the accessories come along with the package, i.e. hooks, bolts, and hinges. You won’t have to buy anything.


  • Certified with BS 7553 Class G
  • Pivot arm for smooth gliding
  • Easy to climb
  • Equipment included


  • Hard to use for the first time.

Aurora Thermo Folding Attic/ loft Ladder

Aurora Thermo Folding Attic/ loft Ladder
Our Rating:

Do you want a loft ladder that is easy to hatch? Here is the perfect choice for you. This Aurora Thermo attic ladder follows an innovative mechanism to open up for safe use.


High-Grade Timber:

This features the best wooden timber in the construction of this folding ladder. Apart from the wood, all the metal parts coated with powder. It will save them from rust.

Innovative Design:

It equips the stylish and innovative design with spring features. You can open it up within seconds and use it in the same manner.

Moreover, it is easy to use it in the first place because of its assembly. It ‘s delivered at your doorstep in a completely assembled state.

Three sections:

This folding ladder opens with three sections. You can meet your desired height with this feature. Also, a U value of 1.1W/m²K helps you to save energy.

Handrails included:

Choose a safe method to reach the attic of your house with this Folding Attic ladder. These stairs come with handrails and other foot protection features to ensure safety. You can hop onto this ladder without any fear.

Locking System:

A soft close option will be an added comfort for you. So, this Aurora Thermo ladder comes with a locking system that can close the hatch.


  • Premium Timber
  • Soft closing
  • Lock feature
  • Simple installation


  • You may need to extend hatch size

TB Davies 1530-005 Loft Ladder

TB Davies 1530-005 Loft Ladder
Our Rating:

If you want a safe and slip-resistant ladder to reach the loft area; this one’s for you. This ladder features a premium design to hold your back for this challenging task.


Easy Installation:

Unlike others, TB Davies provides the stairs with partial or complete assemblage. You don’t need to perform a complex setup before first-time use. It offers quick and easy installation to save time and effort.

Thick insulation:

The ladder equips the thick trapdoor for a perfect finish. It has the rubber excluders attached which help you to prevent the heat loss from the ceiling.

Takes less space:

This stylish and space-saving design helps you to install this ladder conveniently. It’ll not take up any space in the loft or attic. Also, you can unfold it via easy steps.

Luxury Wooden Stairs:

When it comes to building quality, this attic ladder is has high-grade wood. It’ll not only make this ladder suitable for heavy tasks but ensures a longer life span.

Thick Frames:

18 mm thick framing supports the heavyweight, i.e. 150 Kg. It can let you carry the goods during the climb with the supporting balustrade.

Slip-resistant Treads:

It features a slip-resistant tread design that can hold the feet. Handrails are also employed to have a safe experience.


  • Slip-resistant treads
  • Improved insulation
  • Quick to install
  • 18mm framing


  • A little flimsy and light

Keylite Timber Wood Loft Ladder

Keylite Timber Wood Loft Ladder
Our Rating:

The keylite loft ladder has a unique design, perfect for simplicity and fast access to the attic. It offers a single person installation with a detachable design which will save you time.


Flick-Fit Installation:

Many of us may find it hard to install a loft ladder. It is due to heavyweight and unbalanced design. But the keylite ladder has got your back!

The Flick-Fit installation feature lets you install this luxury ladder within minutes. You don’t need a spare person to perform a complicated setup procedure. It’ll make you set up the ladder from below the loft and saves much space.

Continuous Seal:

The continuous seal around the trapdoor ensures you a perfect fit. It also enables you to reduce the heat loss from the ceiling area. You don’t need to worry both in winters and summers for any heat exchange.

Handrails included:

Keylite Timber wooden ladder’s handrails are already fit in. You don’t need to buy any separate brackets and bolts to fit.


You may not want a ladder for your attic that bends away with weight. This Keylite ladder can solve your problem.

Locking System:

This attic ladder comes with the locking system of its own. This feature ensures extra safety while you work.

Dovetail joints:

The dovetail joint with the slip-resistant steps makes it easy for you to climb. The treads are wide and intact to hold your feet.


  • 36mm thick insulation
  • Detachable
  • Scratch proof
  • Flick-Fit brackets


  • Narrow at the top

Dolle Arundel Wooden Space Staircase

Dolle Arundel Wooden Space Staircase
Our Rating:

You find it difficult to access the loft? No problem, this Dolle Arundel wooden staircase can ease down your problem. This narrow drop-down staircase can reach your desired height.


Adjustable Height:

This extendable loft stair comes with the 12 tread flight which can reach any height you want. The largest range for extending is 2980mm. Apart from this, it features a straight flight design which occupies less space.

Mounting Brackets:

This drop-down staircase comes with the mounting brackets and a pre-install kit. You don’t need to perform any complex setups before using. It can also save space when extended or folded as well due to its compact shape and easy folding.

Durable tread:

High-grade wooden material is employed for the treads. The wooden treads placed at a suitable distance to climb.

One-sided Handrail:

You’ll not feel any fear while climbing with this single handrail. This standard-sized handrail on one side can save you space and help you transfer the luggage on the attic.

No tool needed:

Easy installation and pure unfolding are two worthy attributes of this staircase. You don’t need any extra tools and equipment to set up the loft ladder for first- time use.

Ideal for small spaces:

There is a loft stair fixed at the 63-degrees of angle and offers a straight flight feature to fit in small places. There are an optional hook and bar systems to free some space.


  • Narrow design
  • Easy to use
  • Angled climb
  • 12- Durable treads


  • Limited delivery options from the manufacturer
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How We Decided On Our Winner

Loft ladders come in a variety of types. You can access the loft area of your homes, shops and garages without any fear of falling. You can measure the sizes and a fitting place to find a perfect loft ladder even for your narrows places.

Some products have features including wider treads, secure handrails to help you. So, have a look at our guide about the 5 best ladders with a handrail to buy a product with expert’s recommendations.

long wooden ladders standing upright in a room
How annoying would it be to store these in your house?

FAQ and Buying Guide

Q. What size of loft ladder do I need?

There are several sizes according to the fitting place. You need to measure the hatch location where you want to fit the stairs and then buy one for you.

Also, you must measure the height of your attic which you want to access. It’ll help you choose the best suitable staircase.

Q. What main things must be in your mind before you select a loft ladder?

The primary material of construction will be your priority. Either the loft ladders are made from aluminium or wood; it will decide the durability of stairs.

Next thing must be the opening mechanism for the staircase. It can be telescopic, sliding, angled or concertina.

Both of these things will give you the answer whether these loft ladders are suitable for your needs or not.

Q. What are the advantages of buying Aluminium or Wooden ladders?

The loft ladders can be quiet, sturdy and robust depending upon their material of construction.

Aluminium ladders are more reliable and can carry heavyweight. These are also safe to use while transferring goods to the attic. But, wooden loft ladders are easy to install.

Their convenience lies in their folding and unfolding mechanisms. You must know the purpose of your buying, and decide on your own.

folding attic ladders viewed from below
Now these look so professional! Only in America.