5 Best Inspection Camera for blocked drains and pipes

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on November 7, 2021
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How Long Does A Good Camera Last?

A good endoscope like the ones discussed in this article will last you at least over a year. Average lifetime is a function of use. Most cameras die when they are misused, like using them beyond their stated waterproof level.

How Long Is The Standard Inspection Camera?

It depends on what you are inspecting. For bathroom sinks, a simple 1m camera is common; but, it's common to find cables over 3m for industrial uses.

Do I Need The Help Of A Technician To Operate One?

Most come with a concise and straightforward manual so it's easy to use with little to no prior knowledge.

1. Depstech Wireless Endoscope

Depstech Wireless Endoscope
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You can use this snake-like device to see some of the tightest areas that you never thought you'd get to look at. The endoscope has a good length of 4 m, which means that you can observe your drainage system's deep areas. The cable has a minute diameter of 8.4 mm, so it can fit through tight locations.

It is also semi-flexible, so it can manoeuvre hard corners and get into areas once unreachable. Reach is not much of an issue for this device.

The endoscope comes with a zoomable camera that allows you to focus on objects at a distance. The Blueart IP67 camera gets clear images and finer details, making the issue easier to see.

The camera is waterproof, so you need not worry about shoving it into wet areas. This endoscope features six adjustable LED lights. Its variety of lighting brings everything to light, which will then show clear images.

The best feature of this is its detachable borescope, with Wi-Fi signal broadcasting. So your phone isn't needed with the cable, eliminating the possible risk of it getting damaged. You can place it inside the pipes and continue viewing from a different room if you so choose. The Wi-Fi box also makes it easier for you to take photos while using the app on your phone.
  1. Good quality for the price.
  2. High-resolution camera.
  3. Wireless.
  4. Narrow diameter.
  1. The cable does not easily flex when used for longer pipes.

2. Takmly Inspection Camera

Takmly Inspection Camera
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It is a simple yet effective device. It does what any inspection camera does, and it does it well. This device has a long 5m cable, compared to others in the industry. The diameter is also short.

It speaks to the cable's ability to go through the smallest of pipes with relative ease. It is semi-flexible, which allows it to manoeuvre its way through curved and twisted pipes. It retains its original straightness when pulled out. The most significant drawback of this device is the slightly disappointing image quality. The camera fails to capture detailed images and does not allow you to focus on the object or zoom in.

The technological qualities of this device are generally basic. It does not offer any wireless options. The camera allows you to connect to your phone via a USB type C cable. But, this device is not compatible with Apple devices and some laptops. Also, it only works with some android phones and may not work with, for example, the Samsung A5 J3.

As expected, it is waterproof, so you can dip it into pipes without worrying about water damage to the camera. It carries six adjustable LED lights that allow users to see more clearly through dark areas. The camera comes with an easy to use app that's available for Android users to download. Users on a laptop such as MacBooks will need to use 3rd party apps. The best selling point of this camera is affordability. It is very cheap and ideal for home use
  1. Very affordable. 
  2. Super thin.
  3. Exceptional semi-flexibility. 
  4. Very long cable.
  1. Poor image quality.

3. Teslong Dual Lens

Teslong Dual Lens
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It is a top tier camera used by high-end professionals or someone with a passion and zeal for their work. It does not get much more high tech and top-shelf than this.

It uses a 4.5 inch LCD screen to view the pipes and control different settings, like focus level and LED lights. The LCD screen has IPS technology and extraordinary resolution quality. It has a that is 5 meters long, which is long enough to reach difficult areas.

The cable texture has an optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility. It rarely struggles with a curved pipe or restoring its straightness when finished.

It is waterproof, including the LCD screen, and it's encased in metal to protect the hub from damage. The Teslong Dual lens is a 6 LED Ring Light that illuminates the inside of pipes. The camera is HD quality which will speak for itself when seen.

It uses a 2600mAh rechargeable battery meaning you can get to pipes even in remote areas with no electricity. It also has a side cable which has its own LED for side illumination, and it has a 32 GB SD card used to store images and videos. The device is excellent in intensive conditions and outdoor work. Any conditions you can think of, it will perform well.
  1. Dual lens.
  2. Rechargeable battery.
  3. LCD screen with clear resolutions.
  4. SD card to store content.
  5. Long cable.
  1. Relatively expensive.

4. Oiiwak Industrial Endoscope

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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It is an excellent mid-range device that can cater to the needs of most users. The price point is fair, and the functionality it delivers is satisfactory. The 3.5m cable is a bit on the short side, and the diameter is not the thinnest you can find.

Its dimensions may not be the best; however, it boasts some other noteworthy functions. For example, the Oiiwak has a 4.3 inch HD IPS screen that you can use as your viewing monitor and control hub. The screen exposes obstructions with great detail. The screen also makes the process of taking pictures or recording videos easier.

The 5.5mm camera scope can capture high-quality images with an impressive zoom. The 3x zoom option eases inspection by giving great detail which you can better view on a laptop screen. The camera also provides ultra-wide viewing angles.

The cable is entirely waterproof when submerged to a depth of 1m. The cable managed a comfortable balance of rigidity and flexibility. It also comes with a magnetic tip, a side mirror, and a hook that you can use to pick up items logged inside a pipe.

The Oiiwak has 6 LED lights that you can use to illuminate dark areas well. To add, the Oiiwak has a 2800mAh battery that can last up to 4 hours, ideal for working in areas with no electricity. It is a well-balanced camera that offers great features at a reasonable price point.
  1. It comes with an HD IPS LCD screen.
  2. Great battery life.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Reasonable price.
  1. The cable could have been longer.

5. Oiiwak Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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The Oiiwak dual lense industrial endoscope is a top contender. It has various functions for house inspections or outdoor or industrial. It has a 4.3 inch HD IPS screen that is great for viewing your monitor and control hub. The screen exposes obstructions with great detail. The screen also makes the process of taking pictures or recording videos easier.

The handheld screen is quite durable and easy to operate. The Oiiwak dual lens has the 2nd CMOS chip, a 2MP camera that captures crisp images, and fluid 720P HD videos. The dual-lens system means you can use both cameras at once to give a better well-rounded analysis.

As expected, the lens is waterproof; but, what's unexpected is the depth. It goes beyond the norm, being able to go underwater at an astonishing 5m depth. The cable itself is unbelievably long at 15m. It also comes with a magnetic tip, a side mirror, and a hook that you can use to pick up items logged inside a pipe.

The dual-lens has 6 LED lights that can enlighten dark areas well. To add on, the Oiiwak has a 2800mAh battery that can last up to 4 hours, ideal for working in areas with no electricity. The Oiiwaak Dual Lens is an upgrade to what was already a great endoscope. It works well and can make any job more manageable than it would have been using a different camera.
  1. Long cable.
  2. Dual lens.
  3. HD LCD screen.
  4. Accessories such as the hook and magnet.
  1. Relatively expensive.


The best inspection camera for you depends on the level of inspection you wish to conduct. If you are someone who operates at an industrial level, you will need an industrial-grade camera with multiple functionalities, durability, and versatility.

For a user of this calibre, the Oiiwak Dual Lens or the Teslong Dual Lens is great. However, it does not come cheap. For less intense, domestic use, one can easily rely on the Oiiwak Industrial Endoscope or the Depstech Wireless endoscope for reliable performance at a reasonable price point.

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