5 Best Hygrometers for home use

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on November 13, 2021
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What Are Hygrometers Used For?

- Ensuring an animal or pet’s environment is kept in stable condition (mostly reptiles).
- Reducing the risk of asthma-inducing agents including dust, fungi, and other viruses and bacteria.
- Protecting expensive equipment, including wines, from being ruined by excess humidity.

Digital & Analogue Hygrometers

Analogue hygrometers have been around longer and represent the older generation of technology. They usually cost less than digital ones, but they are more difficult to calibrate. Digital hygrometers have more functions in more compact and easy to use packages. Digital hygrometers also offer higher levels of accuracy.

1. AcuRite 00325

AcuRite 00325
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The AcuRite 00325 is an excellent example of a basic household hygrometer. It is a very well priced device compared to other competitors on the market. It has lots of positive reviews that support the claim that it is an ideal hygrometer to keep in your home.

The device sports a straightforward and compact design. It can fit within the palm of your hand. It is fragile, so you need to take care and avoid dropping it as it could shatter the screen or damage the hardware. One feature of it is the magnetic back you can use to place the hygrometer on a door frame or refrigerator. It also comes with a neat pin that you can use to attach the meter to nonmetallic surfaces.

The AcuRite 00325 has a very simple, easy to read black and white screen like a calculator. The screen is a bit small meaning you can’t take readings easily from a distance. The screen shows readings of humidity and others like temperature and pressure. This is one of this device's best qualities as it serves more than one purpose.

Alongside showing the level of humidity, it states if they are acceptable or not. It goes a step further by indicating when humidity levels are too high, too low, or at an adequate level. It works well for homes or small rooms, making it ideal for household environments. Although the device is elementary, it performs well and gives accurate readings.
  1. Compact.
  2. Simple and easy to use.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Multipurpose device.
  1. Fragile build.

2. ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer
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The Thermopro Tp65A is a top contender for the best hygrometer in this article. This hygrometer is perfect for home use but can also be outdoors if you wish. The device is well priced, although it is not the cheapest you will find. This nifty device serves many purposes beyond only measuring humidity.

It has an inbuilt thermometer as well. It has a large display that displays readings in a clear, simple to understand manner. The screen is also backlit, which means you can see results even when the lights are off. The screen is large and backlit, and also a touchscreen, making it easy to navigate through the simple interface. The device offers several features such as Max and min humidity readings.

It can link to weather stations and its three remote sensors allow you to watch different locations. The remote sensor operates well for distances of up 60 meters away. The signal has enough power to go through thick walls whilst ensuring that readings come through. The case itself is firm and resistant to debris and scratches.

The screen is easy to set up on your counter, thanks to its tabletop stand. It also comes with a magnetic back for users who prefer to mount the screen onto a metallic surface. The ThermoPro gives accurate readings and can detect changes in humidity quickly. It is a great device to keep in your home that can watch humidity levels in many bedrooms, for example.
  1. Large display.
  2. Backlit display.
  3. Connects to 3remote sensors.
  4. It stores reading for up to 24 hours.
  1. Outdoor sensors not easy to support.

3. La Crosse Technology 302-604B

La Crosse Technology 302-604B
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It is a simple and elegant device designed to function well without much beyond the basics. Considering how simple the device is, the price is a bit of an overshoot. The device is very compact, making it portable. You can place it on your tabletop or counter without messing up the aesthetics.

The screen to body ratio is a bit disappointing. One of the initial downsides is that the screen could have been a bit larger. Thanks to its slim body, this hygrometer can fit a changeable button cell battery that’s easy to change.

It allows you to toggle between a display focusing on temperature and one on humidity. When focusing on one, it is difficult to read the other’s value as it appears in a smaller font size. A small yet great addition to this device’s interface is that it can also display the time.

It is quite thin, making it look nice, but this raises concerns about damage from drops. Another feature of this is storing the lowest and highest results taken during the day.

It also has a cute icon on the display that lets you know when humidity levels are optimal or are now too extreme. It is perfect for people wanting a hygrometer to track their home ambient conditions.
  1. Great accuracy.
  2. Slim and compact.
  3. Measures time and temperature as well.
  4. Sleek and elegant design.
  1. The display is not backlit.

4. Brifit Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer

Brifit Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer
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The Brifit hygrometer is a versatile device that does a lot at a relatively low price. The Brifit device comes with a large screen with thin bezels. The screen can display both temperature and humidity readings in a large and clear font. The screen is also backlit, which allows you to view results in dark settings.

The large display makes it easy to observe readings at a distance. The screen provides you with the option to turn the backlight off to save battery. If this option is not toggled, the device auto dims after 15s. The screen is also a touchscreen, which makes navigating the interface convenient. The hygrometer features a tabletop, wall-mountable, and magnet-mountable design. It is quite durable and comes with a one year warranty.

The Brifit hygrometer has a simple and easy to use interface. It can operate with up to 3 sensors, which allows you to watch multiple rooms at the same time. The readings are very accurate, and its ability to detect rapid changes is impressive.

The Brifit device can also automatically keep track of the max and min readings during 24 hours. After one period has passed, the device will clear the stored values and rest. One impressive feature is that it shows trend arrows to let you know if humidity levels have changed.

This feature can help you make changes to the ambient conditions if you wish to go against the trend. It can also inform you when humidity conditions are ideal and when they have become too extreme. It is full of many neat features and is considerably cheaper than other devices that can do less. I would recommend this device as the best option for value for money.
  1. Wireless connectivity. 
  2. Great build quality.
  3. Clear touchscreen display.
  4. Wide variety of functions.
  1. Backlight could be brighter.

5. Govee Smart Hygrometer Thermometer

Govee Smart Hygrometer Thermometer
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It is a bit different compared to other hygrometers in this article. It comes in as the most affordable out of the box alternative. The device comes in a cute, compact design. The design is simple. What you see is what you get. The screen though small shows a reading in a large and clear font. The best feature of this device is how you can link it to your phone.

It also deals with Temperature and Humidity readings. These can be sent to your phone allowing you to watch conditions even when you are miles away. The Govee device has excellent accuracy and fast responses. The sensor refreshes every 2 seconds to make sure you receive the most up to date readings.

It has three icon indicators that let you know when conditions are dry, comfortable, or wet. It helps you stay on top of humidity levels within your home, so you are always comfortable. The Govee app allows you to store data from readings taken by the hygrometer.

The hygrometer can keep track of ambient conditions for long periods. It also retains up to two years of data.

You can also use the data to construct communicative graphs. You can place this humidity sensor anywhere in your home due to its many mounting options. This device cannot watch your entire home but can be ideal for a particular room of concern, like a baby room. Its low price and Govee app make it a viable option.
  1. Compact.
  2. It comes with an app you can use on your phone.
  3. Very cheap.
  4. Robust design.
  1. Can only monitor one room at a time.


All the tools discussed can get the same results with little difference in their process. In essence, you can’t go wrong with any of the devices mentioned above. Your choice will boil down to your budget, personal preferences, and how much you want to use the device.

I advise you to pick the ThermoPro TP65A or the Brifit if you want to watch ambient conditions in more than one area,
The Govee is a great and affordable pick if you want to watch one area while away from home.

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