5 Best Electric Hand Planers for Wood

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on August 15, 2020

5 Best Electric Hand Planers for Wood

We build timber frames to create new walls. Having a good quality planer for wood is crucial. On this page, we review 5 of the best.

Overall Winner

Bosch PHO 1500 Planer
Bosch PHO 1500



Premium Pick

Makita KP0800
Makita KP0800



Budget Value

JELLAS Electric Planer
JELLAS electric Planer



How we decided on the best electric planer for wood?

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man using electric planer for joinery

If you are resizing furniture or remodelling your house, you'll need a hand planer for the timber work.

Though conventional hand planers are used to this day, electric versions have taken over.

If you're a DIYer, you might feel at a loss choosing the most suitable hand planer for your needs.

No more worries – you can rely on our researched list of the top 5 electric hand planers for wood to help you out. Read on and make the best decision.

Bosch PHO 1500 Planer

Bosch PHO 1500
Our Rating:


The range of Bosch planer's high-quality has earned them widespread accolades. This is another top-notch addition.

Their attitude when it comes to the highest quality makes them the most reliable.

If you're a DIYer or a semi-professional tradesperson, you won't go wrong with the features provided by this device.


  • The blade system maintains smooth surface quality and extended life span
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle makes cutting depth setting easier
  • Patented WoodRazor system allows for high-speed cutting and higher quality planning.


  • Dust bag needs to be brought separately and it might appear difficult to find

Makita KP0800 240V

Makita KP0800
Our Rating:


If you are up for a speedy but quality performance, then Makita’s KP0800 will please you by all means. It has a blade system combined with double edge carbide blades that lead to most performance.

The reasonable weight of the product will make it easy to handle for you. Another masterpiece by Makita that you should give a try!


  • Even and accurate finish
  • Provides double insulation
  • Estimated to perform 34000 cuts a minute


  • Does not come with a dust bag.

JELLAS Planer 850W

Our Rating:


This might be the perfect gift for men who are seeking for their suitable electric planer. A high-quality performance is the belt features a strong wear resistance, and the copper motor and carbon brush have best quality.


  • All mirror-grade aluminum flat bottom plate ensures high level of flatness & precision
  • Comes with edge gauge and a dust collection bag
  • Spare brushes for the motor and a spare drive belt


  • Slightly less cutting depth than the advertised level.

Makita DKP180Z LXT 82mm Cordless

Makita DKP180Z Cordless Planer
Our Rating:


If you feel comfortable with wireless devices, then this would be your ideal choice. With a sturdy construction, the device can make accurate adjustments to cutting depth. You will never face even the slightest problem (like – vibration, etc.) even with deep cuts.


  • Part of a line of tools using the same battery
  • Heavy body keeps the cutter well-functioning
  • Lock-on button provides continuous operation opportunity


  • Doesn’t come with a dust bag
  • The battery weight might seem to be too heavy.

Dewalt DCP580N Brushless Cordless Planer

Dewalt DCP580N Brushless
Our Rating:


If you are searching for a cordless tool system to level off your furniture, then this is going to be perfect for you! Despite being battery-operated, the device will appear to be silent and lightweight. Its comfy grip will give you an experience like never before!


  • Battery-driven, no extra concern with cord
  • Highly efficient brushless motor with high-capacity XR battery
  • 2 mm cutting depth for large material disposal
  • Quick and easy blade changes backed by on-board blade storage


  • Clogged up shavings inside the body.

timber frame room construction

How We Decided On Our Winner

We need hand planers for many purposes and electric hand planers are the ones that fits our needs better. Digging deep into the market, we have ranked Bosch PHO 1500 Planer to be the best product.

Its unique Woodrazor blade system ensures high quality and makes blade changing simple.

It also contains a single-sided chip ejection system that makes dust removal easy. Furthermore, the extending parking rest will prevent from damage as you put it down.

While it's obvious that it'll leave you with satisfaction, you should be appeased at the service of all.

We believe that every electric planers discussed here would provide the quality that they have promised to offer you with.

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FAQ and Buying Guide

Things to Consider before Purchasing an Electric Planer

As much as it's important to take into account the quality, it is also crucial to dig deep into some features. Some features that need your careful attention before you finish your electric planer:


The electric hand planer can be into 2 broad types – corded & battery-driven. If you have to work at a remote site, then you have to go for a corded one, otherwise, a battery-driven planer will be fine.

Motor Power

It is the power transferred by the motor to the blade that enables the latter to rotate and slash the wood.

An underpowered motor will hardly be able to provide you with your desired thickness.

Whereas an overpowered one can make our workpiece out of shape and can result in a rough surface. You need to choose and pick the one that offers a moderate level of motor power by your needs.


Depth of cutting is an essential feature of any electric hand planer. A planer with low cutting will cost you too much time and you’ll waste hours reaching your required level. So, buy a planer that can perform deep cuts.


It is not the fact that all the top-quality electric planer will make you feel at ease while working. If you are a DIY-enthusiast, it is likely that you will find it challenging to use advanced technology. The upgraded devices are for the professionals.

So, don’t buy an electric hand planer only by seeing the first-class specifications of the product. Take your time and go for the product that would make you feel comfortable.

Proper Dust Management

As you choose, you should never forget that your health should be of utmost priority in everything you do! In some of the cases, it is unsafe to work with an electric planer without proper safety gear.

Many electric planers now offer an in-built dust management hose that would secure a hygienic working environment for you.

Your Guide to Use an Electric Hand Planer

Before you buy your power planer, you must know the basics of using one. You need to be able to hold and push the planer in the correct manner. Here are some useful tips that would assist you in handling your planer in the most effective way –

Keeping the Right Balance

  •  To keep the perfect balance, you have to start by placing the front shoe of the planer flat on the wood without allowing the blade to touch the wood
  • Then you should turn on the device, make the motor reach full speed, and put the plane into contact with the wood.
  • You must put your initial pressure on the front grip as the planer enters the wood
  • Now you have to balance your hand pressure between the front knob & the tool handle
  • Finally, you should enforce greater control at the rear handle as you push the device off work.

The tips above will make you comfortable by letting you maintain the proper balance of your body.

Changing Blades

Blade replacement is a part of using an electric hand planer and you might hurt yourself!

  • Make sure you’ve unplugged the planer before you change your blades
  • You should be careful enough to change the blades before they turn dull and start harming the motor
  • It would be wise to replace or re-sharpen the blades, as this will enable quality cuts by maintaining exact cutter head balance
  • To avoid disturbance caused by vibration, you must confirm that the blades are position on the cutter head.