Top 5 Damp Detectors for Caravans

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on November 17, 2020

5 Best Damp Detectors for Caravans

A damp detector for caravans is one the the first things you should buy to keep both the motorhome and your lungs in tip-top shape. We review five of the best.

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Proster TL0135
Proster TL0135



How we decided on the top rated caravan damp detectors?

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It's not always sunshine and ice-cream at campsites. Dampness and rain make an appearance.

Let's get this right out of the way: You can use the same moisture meters for your home for caravans and motorhomes. You don't need a specific one for vehicles.

But, the difference is that not all damp meters can read moisture in fabric. Since you'll be sticking the pins into fabric, you'll get more accurate results by using a detector designed for caravans.

Damp can ruin the materials and fabric used for upholstery, so it's something you want to avoid before the problems get worse.

You don't want the onset of black mould in areas you can't see. It's a massive health hazard and can cause breathing difficulties for years if undetected.

A damp detector is an excellent tool to help you with detecting damp early on so you can treat it before it’s hopeless. This will save you a lot of stress, money and time. Now, you can proceed with this in one of two ways:

  1. Take your caravan to a service centre for a checkup.
  2. Or get a damp detector of your own and check your caravan on a regular basis, free of charge. The key is regular checkups and practising preventive measures.

Motorhome damp detectors play a crucial role here as they can warn you beforehand. If it is important for you to maintain a healthy environment, you may consider the second option.

To help you with the right purchase, we've selected some of the best products in the market. 

Top rated Caravan damp detectors


Our Rating:


Brennenstuhl is one of the most popular brands in the market. You can determine the moisture content of wood and building materials, and more. This has a range of practical features, which allows you to measure moisture in a hard-to-reach area.

We love this product for its sturdy build and molded handgrips. The product comes with a measuring range of 5 - 50% in wood and 1.5 - 33% in building materials.

It features small yet sharp pins and a large LCD display with 0.1% resolution. Moreover, it consumes very little energy and will shut off by itself when you're done using it.


  • Power usage of 9 volt
  • Switches off automatically after 3 minutes
  • Comes with audible sound output


  • Some users have reported lower level of inaccuracy on thick walls


Our Rating:


Another is the Neoteck offering superior quality at an affordable price. With this, you can expect accuracy in a range of Caravan materials. It is cheap yet offers excellent value for your money with the most accuracy.

Neotech's made of high-quality plastic designed to last. The device comes in a handsome shape and yellow finish. It measures the damp level using four pins and the data is immediately and displayed on its screen.


  • Features 4 pins, safeguarded with a cover
  • Offers precise measurement, quickly displayed on the LCD screen
  • Power by 9V battery
  • CE approved and precision guaranteed
  • The package includes batteries


  • The battery life is unreliable

Proster TL0135

Proster TL0135 Digital
Our Rating:


This makes a great detector offering accuracy while at a low price. It's designed to measure the moisture level in a range of materials. Upon selecting a specific measuring mode, you can measure between 0-99%.

The product has an accuracy rate of 0.5%, making it one of the most precise detectors in the market. This compact device's constructed with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic. It also features a large and easy-to-read LCD display.


  • Features 4 modes; offers the most accurate result when the correct mode is selected
  • Automatic power-off when the device is not in use
  • Offers ‘hold’ feature allowing you to read the result with stability
  • Power by 9 Volt battery


  • Wide construction; the body is not as compact as its competitors

Aoputtriver Moisture Meter

Aoputtriver Moisture Meter
Our Rating:


If you are looking for one that is cheap but offers the best value, then you might consider buying this product. Standing at an accuracy of 1% it makes sure to check through wood and other building materials. With two high precision pins, this device reads moisture levels between 6 to 42% in wood.

You can identify the location of moisture build-up and take necessary prevention measures. Crafted with high-quality plastic and offering premium functionalities, the device is quite durable. It is quick to respond and presents results in its large LCD plastic display.

The device will notify you when it’s running on a low battery and will shut off when it’s not in use. We are quite impressed with its functions and accuracy.


  • Features a backlight and low battery indication
  • The device is compact and easy to operate
  • Power of 1.5 Volt
  • Manufacturer offers two years of warranty


  • Variable accuracy level on thick walls

Extech MO55

Extech MO55
Our Rating:


Another impressive damp detector in today’s market is Extech MO55. This offers you a choice of pin or pinless operation and retails at an affordable price. If you're interested to buy one that gives you a quick measure of moisture content, then check this.

It will also give you an audible alert as the moisture level goes up. The device comes with a marginal size and shape.

It’s a little wide compared to its competitors. But the device makes up for it with its near-perfect result, working well on various materials.


  • Comes with two pins
  • Features audible alert
  • Works on 9 Volt battery


  • In pinless state it cannot measure more than 25 mm

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How We Decided On Our Winner

With a caravan damp detector, you will have a clear sign of condensation areas, which in turn can save you hundreds of dollars or pounds. Now if you ask us which is the very best, we would have to direct you to Brennenstuhl. The product offers the most accuracy in detecting moisture within your caravan.

While any of the items on our list will make an ideal choice, they vary in price and functions. We hope that you have all the necessary information now and can choose one that fits your needs.

FAQ and Buying Guide

It varies from model to model, but generally, here’s how to use one:

  1. Power on, and set the device to read what kind of surface you are measuring
  2. Once you have chosen a measurement mode, place the pins on the surface for a few seconds
  3. You will find the result displayed on the screen

If it’s on the surface, you can scrub most of it with warm water, a drop of mould spray. Or, scrub it off with a damp cloth using a mix of half-vinegar, half warm-water.

Never use bleach when cleaning off mould.

Please remember to wear some durable gloves, goggles and a protective mask.

If you’re in a damp space and there’s little ventilation, it’s bad for the caravan and bad for your personal health. Don’t let mould settle. The best way to beat the onset of damp is to keep your caravan well ventilated.
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What is a Damp Detector?

They're the size and shape of a small remote with two pin-sensors that help detect the moisture. An electric charge flows between the two pins when they come in contact with the surface you are testing.

Moisture can accumulate for several reasons including high humidity, water intrusion, condensation. Knowing the moisture level can help you decide what your next step should be.

What do the Results Imply?

If you're testing your caravan’s health, you'll need to have a clear understanding of what the results imply, expressed in percentage form. Keep in mind that the result indicates the moisture level of a particular area and not the whole caravan.

That is to say, the results are location-specific and may vary within the caravan. This is how you should interpret the results:

● 0 to 15% would mean that the surface is dry and without any damp

● 15 to 20% would imply that the location is at risk of damping. You might want to check on it again in a month or two

● 20 to 25% means that this particular area needs further investigation

● 25 to 30% implies that there might be water ingress present in the area

● And anything above 30% needs your special attention and immediate action

How to Choose the Best Damp Detector for Caravans

Before diving into reviews, let us look at the criteria of a good damp detector:

Pins vs. Pinless: While shopping for damp detectors, you will find two kinds: with pins and without pins. Generally, the pin damp detectors tend to be more versatile and functional. While pin meters use electric current, pinless meters work with an electromagnetic field.

Pin Length: The moisture level depth of a board is about one quarter to one-fifth of the board. Considering the depth of a regular board, it is ideal if you get a damp detector with pins of at least 0.3 inches length.

Display Type: Need to pay attention to the display type and size of the damp detector. Some options available in the market include LED, LCD, Analog, and Digital LED

Price: The price of damp detectors can range from as low as $30 to over $250. It is up to you to decide your budget and find the best damp detector at that price point. We hope our review will help.