5 Best Face Masks for Asbestos Removal

You want to leave asbestos handling to the professionals. However, if you have a minor task in areas relating to asbestos, then these masks will suffice.

NASUM 6200
NASUM 6200
NASUM M101 dust Mask

How we decided on the best masks for asbestos removal?

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Working where asbestos is a concern; make sure that the mask you’ll be using did not compromise safety. That is why you need to stay up to date with respirator styles, filter quality, change straps, and so on. Give our write-up a read so that you can make informed decisions while choosing the best face masks!

If your work concerns sawing, mining, etc, it is time you got yourself an asbestos respirator.

We have listed below our top 5 face masks for removing asbestos to give you a headstart!

NASUM 6200

NASUM 6200
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This will not feel heavy but provide excellent air circulation nonetheless. Its dual filtration feature is reliable when it comes to keeping yourself safe. If you had heat and moisture accumulation after wearing this, you’ll be happy to know it prevents that.

This mask comes in handy if you work in cement, factories, etc. The two filter boxes have a 99.95% filtration accuracy. Its easy-to-adjust headbands come with a flexible nosepiece for greater comfort and fit.




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This full-face mask does a great job of keeping asbestos and other toxic elements out of your system. It is also effective in keeping organic vapours such as carbon, benzene, and aniline away from you.

This is suitable for professionals who have to spend time in a hazardous environment. Since this is a full face mask, you no longer have to wear lab goggles.

You get two filter cartridges and two filter cotton in the box. The filtering system is top-notch. Besides its 5 point head harness, create a balanced pressure so that you get used to it.

Removing the headband is easy enough. The lens offers you a wide view, and sound transmission allows communication.




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If you are on the hunt for a good face mask for removing asbestos, consider NASUM M101 as a good option. It offers protection against airborne particles as well as toxic gas and vapours. It also flaunts a sophisticated look from the outside while being soft on the skin.

Food grade silicone is on the face cover without compromising a tight fit. Its flow piston eliminates moisture and heat inside the mask for reducing fatigue.

The 99.95% filtering capacity is top-notch indeed. Whether asbestos is in a low or high concentration, this will give you support when dealing with it. The face mask, having passed the CE certification, shouldn’t worry you about its quality.

The detachable filters allow the mask to be used over and over again. Cleaning the facepiece will not affect its high durability.



3M 6300

3M 6300
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Face masks from the 3M series are quite comfortable. This offers you the benefits of a disposable mask along with the features of a reusable one. It is compatible with a wide range of 3M filters.

This half face mask tackles many hazardous particles that may pose a threat to your system. The filter attachments sport a swept-back design for improving visibility and balance.

The 3M 6300 is very easy to wear and stays put all through the day. Decontaminating them is also a breeze. After a while, you have to change the filters.

The head straps are comfortable and provide a good fit. The storage pouch is a bonus.

What we like about this model is that there are change points on the facepiece. They make sure that personal protection equipment can be worn without a hassle.



Drager X-plore 3300

Drager X-plore
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In construction, or living in a specific area is making you susceptible to asbestos, this is perfect. It is of a robust build but does not feel heavy on your face. The double filter system reinforces the safety against toxic fibres.

What we like about its ABEK1 Hg P3 RD filters is that they are EN 140 certified. Moreover, your vision will not be compromised wearing this face mask.

Drager X-plore aced their mask game with this respirator set. The material is soft TPE, keeping it on for a longer time will be less fatiguing than you might think. Using this mask will not fog up your glasses.

While the mask fits your face, the straps are, in no way, uncomfortable. The adjustable straps alongside the neck clips make way for a head harness.



guttering showing asbestos pipes
Asbestos can be lurking around us. In this case, it's in the guttering

How We Decided On Our Winner

This was our list of top 5 face masks for removing asbestos. But if we are to pick a winner, it has to be NASUM M101 asbestos respirator! It is an ideal face mask filter quality, fitness, nosepiece, and headband as well as a top-notch flow valve.

While the other four do a smart job, they could not provide an all-around service like the M101. It ensures good heat dissipation and keeps you comfortable in the working hours. It is compatible with common protective wearables such as lab goggles and earmuffs!

construction worker wearing a pink and yellow dust mask

FAQ and Buying Guide

Why Do You Need a Face Mask for Removing Asbestos?

You may think you have good immunity, our lungs are delicate and stand no chance against chemicals. Sooner or later, we are bound to drop by the doctor’s chamber with some wild symptoms. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing an asbestos respirator right away!

Risks of Pleural Diseases

Exposure to asbestos poses a long term threat to your healthy respiratory system. Airborne asbestos fibres get stuck in your lungs, and your body is unable to remove them. Pleural diseases such as rounded atelectasis are common when you bypass wearing mask.

Health Hazards

Mesothelioma being the number one disease you can catch, airborne asbestos is a red flag. Mesothelioma, a malignant tumour, can appear in the lining of the heart, lungs, or abdomen. There are risks of cancer and a short 12-month life expectancy after diagnosis.

Living Near Industrial Sites

If you’re near an industrial site, some particles do get out of their filters and contaminate the air. Using a face mask when you step outside for long hours will end the chances of catching asbestos in your lungs or inhaling harmful vapours.

What to Look For in a Good Asbestos Respirator?

Ovarian cancer may be averted if you use a respirator. Checking the face mask that you’re about to buy against our buying guide below will help you pick the best one!

Dual Filtration System

Quality filter boxes protect from both aqueous and solid particles. The flow valve is an important thing to notice here because the efficiency of the masks depends a great deal on it.

One valve rotates upwards while the other rotates downwards. This type of filtration tends to have a whopping 99.95% accuracy.

professionals on top of a shed removing sheets
Sometimes, you have to leave it to the experts

Comfortable Headband

If the headband is not able to create pressure across your head, something is bound to be hurting. Good quality headbands have adjustable straps that create a balanced pressure to keep the mask fitted. Comfortable straps take the hassle away from donning and doffing!

Sound Transmission System

Talking to co-workers is sometimes necessary while working. Having to take the mask off often, for this reason, is a bummer. So, respirators with good sound transmission are our favourites.

Compatibility with Protective Wearables

If the respirator misses out on an ergonomic shape, it gets hard for you to complement it with other protective wearables. If the placement of the nosepiece is off the mark, it can create discomfort while wearing lab goggles. This way, your security against asbestos and gases gets compromised.

CE Certification

CE certified face masks earn trust, especially when there are many price ranges.

Tips for Using an Asbestos Respirator

Whether you prefer a half-face or a full-face, the tips listed below will be handy!

Ensure a Tight Fit

Asbestos can do a lot of damage for a microscopic fibre. A fitted mask prevents all chances of your nose and mouth coming in contact with asbestos.

Change The Filters Often

As the filters absorb not only asbestos but also dust and steam, changing them is a must. Using the mask in a humid environment will cause the filters to deteriorate quicker. Keep that in mind and change them.

Look Out for Carbon Leakage

Carbon leakage is a sign that it is time you swapped the filters. Yet, if it is only a small amount, there’s no reason to worry yet.

Decontamination & Cleaning

Cleaning the facepiece with a neutral detergent in lukewarm water does the job. Disinfect the facepiece in a quaternary ammonia or sodium hypochlorite solution. The cartridges and filters should be disposed of.